Why Aim Global Vida CardioCeutical Will Save You From A Heart Operation

Aim global vida cardioceutical is the cheapest way to cure you if you have heart problems like clogged artery or any type of cardio-vascular diseases and were planning to undergo bypass surgery 

Watch Benefits Of Aim Global Vida CardioCeutical Drink

VIDA Cardio-Ceutical Drink is a refreshing instant cardio-ceutical drink that combines the power of resVida® and quality carotenoid lycopene to keep your heart in tip-top shape. Vida has the highest resVida® content in instant powdered functional beverage and thus the most potent drink to give you the maximum health benefits your body needs.

Aim Global VIDA CardioCeutical Drink is good for those who are at risk of HEART DISEASES and CARDIO- VASCULAR DISEASES. Vida juice is made from LycoVear Nutra-Blend (90mg resVida + 100mg Carotenoid Lycopene), stevia (natural sweetener), natural grape flavor and natural food colorant.

It can be drink just like any ordinary juice  its also recommended for those who wants to loose weight.

Lycopene is one the most potent carotenoid antioxidant that helps reduce the risk of atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease by preventing the hardening and clogging of bad cholesterol. It also helps prevent cancer particularly prostate and colon cancer.

Drink Vida and enjoy the refreshingly healthy taste that you and your heart will surely love.

»62%-91% Immediate increase in artery dilation
»23%sustained long term increase in artery dilation
»Helps fight cancer
»Prevents oxidation in cholesterol to keep it from hardening and depositing as plaque in arteries
»Helps prevent diabetes
»Prevent age-related macular degeneration and cataracts
»Prevents the aging of skin and keeps it younger looking
»Helps activete SIRT1 genes for better cellular protection
»Helps prevent osteoporosis
»Helps boost sperm out
»Acts as an internal sunscreen and protect your skin from sunburn

Key benefits of Aim GlobaVIDA CardioCeutical Drink
♦Vida® is one of the leading resveratrol dietary and food ingredients to
meet a high safety standard
♦Vida® is 99% pure – the purest form of trans-resveratrol available
♦Vida® is a nature-identical form of resveratrol
♦Vida® is a high-potency, convenient and safe trans-resveratrol for
healthy aging and healthy heart
of resveratrol
♦Vida® has undergone 10 years of development and testing
♦Vida® has comprehensive safety data that is unmatched by any other form
♦Vida® is free from pesticides and herbicides and can be used in a
variety of dietary supplement and food and beverages
♦Vida® has self-affirmed Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) status by an
independent panel of experts, and is produced according to Food GMP
(Good Manufacturing Principles), while meeting OU Kosher and Halal


• LycoVera Natura-Blend
• Stevia
• Natural Grape Flavor

DIRECTIONS: Empty the contents into a glass. Add 500mL of water. Mix well and add ice to enjoy.


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