Why AIM Global Vida Maxx Is A Better Choice For Your Heart's Health

Aim global Vida Maxx has the ability to maintain normal blood circulation and helps to maintain healthy platelet function important to cardiovascular health. Vida Maxx started to work as quickly as 1.5 hours after taking the supplement and continued to enhance normal blood circulation for up to 12 hours.

It is a cardiovascular food supplement that contains two scientifically proven ingredients with human clinical studies – Fruitflow® and resVida®.

Fruitflow® is a water-soluble, tomato based concentrate that has a proprietary European Food Safety Authority Art 13.5 health claim: “Helps maintain normal platelet aggregation, which contributes to healthy blood flow.

Fruitflow® is also a groundbreaking, patented European nutraceutical clinically shown to promote healthy blood flow by supporting healthy platelets. It is the only product of its kind and one of the first dietary ingredients to receive an authorized health benefit statement from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

Published clinical studies have demonstrated that Fruitflow reduces platelet aggregation in 97 per cent of individuals within 1.5 hours of consumption and its beneficial effect lasts up to eighteen hours.

No side-effects, allergenic reactions or incompatibility with other medication have been reported following its prolonged use in ten clinical studies for aim global vida maxx

A natural and safe ingredient, Fruitflow does not disrupt the blood clotting process required following injury. In eight human trials it has shown to reduce platelet aggregation and improve blood flow within one hour.

Health Benefits and advantages of Fruitflow® in Aim global Vida Maxx

·         Fruitflow® is proven to help healthy blood flow.

·         It’s the first ingredient with an approved EFSA article 13.5 health claim and is backed by strong scientific evidence:

·         Ten clinical studies

·         Effective in 97% of subjects in published studies.

 resVida® Is “high purity” resveratrol that dilates arteries to normalize blood flow.

“Published Clinical Human Studies have shown that intake of 30mg, 90mg and 270mg of resVida® resulted to 62% to 91% immediate increase in Artery Dilationwithin one hour, monitored thru FMD” – Dr Peter Howe University of South Australia.

“Another Published Human Clinical Study has also shown that intake of 75mg of resVida® daily for 6 to 8 weeks resulted to 23% sustained increase in Artery Dilation thru FMD monitoring.” –Dr Iris Kuz Senior Scientist & Clinical Trial Manager.

“Published Clinical Human Studies have shown that intake of 75mg of resVida® 2 times daily resulted to normalized blood pressure, normalized blood sugar and insulin levels, reduced inflammation makers and liver flat content among obese subjects, also mirroring the metabolic effect of exercise. – Dr Patrick Schrauwen Maastricht University Netherlands.

Health Benefits and advantages of resVida® in aim global vida maxx

 ·         resVida®is one of the leading resveratrol dietary and food ingredients to          meet a high safety standard

·         resVida®is a high-potency, convenient and safe trans-resveratrol for                 healthy aging and healthy heart

·         resVida®is 99% pure – the purest form of trans-resveratrol available

·         resVida®is free from pesticides and herbicides and can be used in a                   variety of dietary supplement and food and beverages

·         resVida®has comprehensive safety data that is unmatched by any other f         form of resveratrol

·         resVida®has undergone 10 years of development and testing

·         resVida®is the purest form of trans-resveratrol.  A powerful antioxidant          that helps prevent free radical damage.

·         resVida®is a nature-identical form of resveratrol

·         resVida®has self-affirmed Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) status           by an independent panel of experts, and is produced according to Food             GMP (Good Manufacturing Principles), while meeting OU Kosher and             Halal requirements

Contents: 10 V-caps per pack

Correct Dosage:
1 Capsule/Day – For Nutritional Supplement
2 – 3 Capsules x 3/Day – Suffering from diseases


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