Find Success As an Online Entrepreneur With The Aim World Investment Plan 


AIM World Investment is an online division of ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL INC that has been around for twelve solid years in the industry of Network Marketing and Direct Selling. 

We received a countless number of awards for sales and product distribution from several marketing associations worldwide for hitting targets year after year.

AIM World is not a new company but a section of the parent company aimed at addressing a different market segment.

However, there will be minor tweaks in the existing AIM Global Marketing Plan to allow AIM World in some States in United States, Europe and Australia. 

AIM World Investment is purely online, the products are delivered door to door Globally. It also accepts online payment from Visa, MasterCard, PayPal etc.

How Does AIM World Work?

First you will buy your package from the AIM World Shop, then you will be registered in the system and get your personal link that you will promote anywhere using internet. If you have a smartphone then you are ready for online business. 


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