The AIMWorld Marketing Plan And 7 Great Ways To Earn From It.

The  AIMWorld Marketing Plan gives 7 ways through which you can earn from the online division of AIM Global

When you become a member of AIMWorld you also automatically become a distributor with AIM Global and can use the aimglobal marketing plan in countries where we have physical offices.

Just like AIM Global you will have two sales groups; The left hand group and the Right sales groups.There is no much difference from the Marketing plan of AIM Global.

To become a member of AIM World, you should purchase the AIMWorld Marketing plan GLOBAL PACKAGE. Here are seven ways you can earn in AIM World.

The Aimworld Marketing Plan Simplified

(1). Retailing or Direct selling

Once you become a member of AIMWorld, you are automatically entitled to have a lifetime discount of 25% on all products.
That means that you can retail or sell products and have a 25% profit when you sell it in the Retail Price.
Here is an example of computation for you.

iProtect 24/7 sachet
SRP: $50
DP: $36

CareLeaf pack
SRP: $40
DP: $30

As a member, you can re-order CareLeaf at US$30 and you can sell it at US$40 and iprotect 24/7 sachet at $36 and you can sell it at $50. 

This means that you could earn $14 for every iProtect 24/7 sold and $10 for every CareLeaf sold. This is just a bonus way to earn.
Earning Millions is through referring of people or building a network.

Retailing is good, but if you want to earn big for a lifetime, the secret lays in building a network.

(2). Sponsoring or Direct Referral Bonus

You will earn a Direct Referral Bonus of US$30 for every AIM World Global Package worth $288 sold, or for every person you have directly recruited to join the AIMWorld Marketing plan. Refer as many people as you can and get paid for $30 each.

Sapphire, Emerald and Diamond package are for customers in Australia,New Zealand, US and Canada. THE REST OF THE WORLD BUYS A STANDARD AIM WORLD PACKAGE  

Your direct referral earnings will be these following:

Bought AIM World Sapphire Package ⇒ Your Sponsoring Bonus is US$30
Bought AIM World Emerald Package ⇒ Your Sponsoring Bonus US$90
Bought AIM World Diamond Package ⇒ Your Sponsoring Bonus US$150

(3). Matched Sales Bonus

You will have two sales group. The left sales group and the right sales group.  Each AIM World Global Package is equivalent to 1500 binary points. For every 1500 binary points on your left sales group that matches with 1500 binary points on the right sales group, you will earn a match sales bonus of US$40.

Every Global Package sold on your left sales group that matches with another Global Package on your right sales group, you will earn US$40, regardless of who sold the package or made the recruitment, as long as they are under your organization, you will continue to earn $40 matched sales bonus.

This is the fastest way to earn here through the AIMWorld marketing plan. Each product has equivalent binary points. Since we are pairing points from right and left sales and not recruits, hence you can earn when:

  1. AIM World Package (1,500) pairing to AIM World Package (1,500)

2. AIM World Package (1,500) pairing to products (accumulated 1,500 points)

3. Product Points (accumulated 1,500 points) pairing to Product Points (accumulated 1,500 points)

NOTE: As a safety net on cashflows, you are allowed to have up to 16 matches per day per account. That is 8 matches in the morning from 6:00 am – 11:59 am and 8 matches in the afternoon from 12:00 pm – 5:59 pm. 16 matches is equivalent to US$640 per day maximum potential income,  US$4,480 per week or US$19,200 per month maximum potential income for one account.(This is only matched sales bonus)

(4). Uni-level Bonus

You will get additional 10% unilevel bonus from the product reorders for each of your directly sponsored downline and 5% unilevel bonus from the second level up to the 10th level. A maintenance of 0.3334 positional points from the previous month is required to earn from this. 

(5). Stair Step Bonus

The income here is based on your rank. Get any rank with

  • no time frame
  • no reversion
  • no demotion
  • no pass up

If you become a member of AIM World, you will start as a Distributor. If you and your team accumulated 10 positional points by buying AIM World products (each product has points), you will be promoted to Silver Executive (SE). Once you are promoted as Silver Executive, you will get an additional 10% overriding commission to all the products purchased and AIMWorld Marketing plan Global Package sold by the distributors under your team.

› Silver Executive –Get 10 percent overriding commission on all zero rank under your team.
To become Silver Executive (SE),  accumulate 10 positional group product points or personal points from product re-oders.

› Gold Executive –Get 20 percent overriding commission on all zero rank under your team.
To become Gold Executive (GE),  accumulate 100 positional group product points or personal points from product re-oders.

› Global Ambassador –Get 30 percent overriding commission on all zero rank under your team.
To become Global Ambassador (GA), accumulate 1,000 positional group product points or personal points from product re-oders.

› Ruby Global Ambassador –Get 35 percent overriding commission on all zero rank under your team.
To become a RUBY GA, you should have 5 direct Global Ambassadors (GA’s) with at least 50 Non-GA team positional points.

› Diamond Global Ambassador –Get 40 percent overriding commission on all zero rank under your team.
To become a Diamond GA, you should have 8 directs Global Ambassadors (GA’s) with at least 50 Non-GA team positional points.

(6). Royalty Bonus or GA-Max 10

Once you become a Global Ambassador, earn 2% of your GA’s group sales volume up to the 10th level with roll down and roll up dynamic compression.This means that under the aimworld marketing plan, you will still earn 2% from all the Global Ambassador under your team up to 10th level. This system was made to push up promotion. Once someone under your team was promoted as a Global Ambassador, you too will automatically be pushed up and become a Global Ambassador.

(7). Flow Back Points

If you double or triple Personal monthly Achievement and increase your commission points by 20%-30% more.

You will be compensated with the above plan if you do this business and take it seriously. Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity. The best way to predict your future is to create it.

∼The company offers door to door delivery in every country.
∼We  have Travel Incentives: US Trip, Europe Trip, Asian Cruise Trip, Hong Kong Trip, Korea Trip etc.                                                                                              ∼The company provides Profit Sharing to all the qualifiers.

   ∼The company accepts credit card payment ie. VISA & Master card.



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