10 Steps To Explode Your MLM Business This Year

You probably kicked off 2020 determined to explode your mlm business and very excited about your future. 

Sadly, most people revert back to their old ways in less than a week and give up on their resolution entirely. I don’t want that to happen to you.

If you struggled in your MLM Business in 2019, I want 2020 to be different for you. I want it to be your best year ever, so you can make the income you want and deserve.

What you will see below are 10 simple things ANYONE can do, and should do, if they are serious about growing their network marketing business this year. All it takes is a decision, combined with the commitment and the DISCIPLINE to follow through with your decision, even after your initial excitement fades. These things are listed in no particular order.

10 Things To Explode Your MLM Business

# 1: Map Out Your Plan

If you want to explode your MLM Business in 2020, everything starts with a written plan. Take some time and write down your goals. How much money do you want to make with your business? What volume and what rank and what sized team do you need to hit those goals?

To hit those goals by the last day of the year, what do you need to do each day, week and month to get there? These are critical questions you MUST know the answer to. Your goals will dictate your daily, weekly and monthly action plan. Take each goal and break it down into bite-sized chunks, and then do your backwards planning.

Your plan must be committed to paper and reviewed daily. Your plan should have your goals, your USP, your mission, your vision, your strategy and your daily routine.

Remember this:

Failing to plan is planning to fail!

# 2: Journal Daily

This step to explode your mlm business  is when you spend 15-20 minutes per day and update your journal. You write down what you did, what you thought about, what you learned, what you did right, what you did wrong and what you would do differently. Journaling keeps you accountable and it allows you to review your thoughts and progress in the business. Your journal will be a valuable resource to you.

As part of your morning creative burst, use your journal to review and hone your daily to-do list. Review and hone your life vision and big-picture goals.

As you read and rewrite your goals daily, they’ll become forged into your subconscious mind. Eventually, your dreams and vision will consume your inner world and quickly become your physical reality.

# 3: Create a Work Schedule

All entrepreneurs need a work schedule. If you are currently employed, you have a work schedule. Guess what? If you want to explode your MLM Business in 2020, you need a work schedule for your business.

What days will you work your business? At what times? What activities will you do during those times? Put some serious thought into this. You need to commit at least 15-20 hours per week to your business. Anything less than that is a hobby, not a business!

Do yourself a favor and purchase a day planner. Every Sunday night, plan out your week. Determine what days you will work, at what times, and what you will do specifically to grow your business during those times. Don’t leave anything up to chance. Don’t let life get in the way. Make your business a top priority.

Time is the one resource that we can’t buy, but we often waste it or use it ineffectively. Scheduling helps you think about what you want to achieve in a day, week or month, and it keeps you on track to accomplish your goals.

# 4: Eliminate Busy Work

The only things you get paid to do in your business are (1) sell the products and (2) recruit reps. To do that, you must TALK TO PEOPLE.

You want to spend at least 90% of your work hours on those activities that will help explode your mlm business. Everything else you do is busy work. Basically, we get paid to talk to people. If your mouth is shut, your business is shut.

You need to always focus on the income producing activities. Do not spend your time surfing Facebook and YouTube, cleaning your office, organizing files, etc. That is all busy work.

When you are working, keep the main thing the main thing. The only thing you really need to monitor closely is how many conversations you are having per day with new prospects. Nothing else really counts. A good number to shoot for as a part-timer is minimum TEN conversations with new prospects daily.

Successful people don’t just get things done, they get the right things done. The hardest thing about being productive is not the work, but the split second it takes to decide to take control. Don’t get caught up in odds and ends and busy work–pay attention to what’s important, because what gets done is what’s been given priority.

# 5: Attend Every Event

We are an event driven business. Events are the fuel that keeps your business growing. If you want to explode your MLM Business in 2020, I suggest you make the decision to NEVER miss an event. This includes conference calls, webinars, local events, regional events, company convention, etc. Not only should you attend every event, but you want to promote them like your business success depends upon it (it does).

Yes, events cost money to attend. That’s why you want to plan and budget for them. If money is tight, go retail some products to make some extra money, so you can afford to go.

Live events are so essential to your growth as an Entrepreneur as well as your business growth. They leave you excited and super-charged and ready to explode your home business. You can meet others in the industry, network, groups, teams and share success stories. They just all around leave you feeling encouraged and motivated.

# 6: Read 20-30 Minutes Daily

Leaders are readers. You already know that. Make it a point to read 20 to 30-minutes every day, no matter what. Never go a day without reading, ever. If you make time to feed your body every day, make sure you make the time to feed your brain daily with information that will help explode your business.

Read books about network marketing, sales, marketing, people skillsleadership, entrepreneurship and a variety of other personal development and business related subjects. If I had to credit one thing to my success in life, it is my discipline to read every day.

According to Tom Corley, author of Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals, rich people (annual income of $160,000 or more and a liquid net worth of $3.2 million-plus) read for self-improvement, education, and success. Whereas poor people (annual income of $35,000 or less and a liquid net worth of $5,000 or less) read primarily to be entertained.

Successful people tend to choose educational books and publications over novels, tabloids, and magazines. And in particular they obsess over biographies and autobiographies of other successful people for guidance and inspiration.

# 7: Enroll in Automobile University

If you are going to explode your mlm business this year, Enroll in automobile university today! If you commute to work, listen to educational CDs on your way to and from work.

The last time I checked you never earned a penny for listening to the radio. Buy some good audio programs and listen to them over and over. At a minimum, listen to them to and from work and whenever you are driving around.

If you do this, you should be able to listen to two to three training programs per week. If money is tight, get everyone on your team to buy 2-3 different audio programs and then switch them up with each other. You can also get these audio programs for free from your local library.

Also, you can listen to helpful audio programs when you exercise.

Audio books may seem to be a thing of the past, but don’t underestimate how useful they can be to you as you drive across town from meeting to meeting. They are available through public libraries and can be downloaded onto digital devices such as the Audible app by Amazon, making it simple to absorb new information as you go, and you might find that it saves you some time.

# 8: Work with ONE Mentor

If you want to explode your MLM Business in 2020, you need ONE mentor. Don’t be a lone wolf and don’t try to have 10-20 different mentors at once. Find ONE person in your upline who is successful and willing to mentor you and humble yourself enough to follow their lead. This is so much easier than trying to follow 10-20 different people at once and getting mixed messages. Your mentor probably won’t be your sponsor, but if you look upline far enough, there is someone who is successful, knows what they are doing, and wants to help you. You just need to seek them out.

Since network marketing is all about replication, you need to find the right person to be replicated by, so you can also pass on the same values to your downliners/mentees. Your team needs to reflect enthusiasm, constant self improvement and a possibility spirit.

# 9: Keep Your Pipeline Full

One of the best things you can do if you want to explode your MLM Business in 2020 is keep your pipeline full. You want at least 100-200 people in your pipeline at all times. These are people you have contacted about the products or business, but they haven’t said no yet, and they haven’t joined or bought yet either.

If your pipeline is full, you will sponsor several new reps each week. You will always have someone to talk to and follow-up with.

The best way to keep youpipeline full is to talk with 10-20 new prospects daily. Over the course of a year, that is 3,600 to 7,300 people in your pipeline. How crazy is that?

When your pipeline is full, you are not emotionally attached to who says yes or who says no. You could care less, because you have so many people in your pipeline to talk with.

Your pipeline must always be full. This is at the very basic level of any sales process, but many sales people get lazy and forget to drum up new business. You are always putting new prospects in your pipeline. If you simply out-work and out-prospect everyone else around you, you’ll end up at the top.

# 10: Take 100% Responsibility

I saved the best tip for last. If you want to explode your MLM Business in 2020, you must take 100% responsibility of your life and business. Realize that you are the problem and you are the solution. Until you take 100% responsibility for your life and business success, nothing good will happen.

Victims do not become successful. Act like a successful rep and you will become one. Realize that the buck stops with you. Stop blaming others for your lack of results. Look yourself in the mirror and realize that you are the solution to ALL of your problems. You just have to man up or woman up and make the magic happen.

When you hold yourself accountable, you make your own rules and have your own game plan where you will do what you need to do to get the job done. Accept responsibility for your actions, be accountable for your results and take ownership of who you are, because you’re the only one that knows what success means to you.

Final Thoughts

I have written a FREE Book- Grow Your MLM From $0-$25k pm to tell my own MLM story, and share my experience on how you too can transit from the old school belly to belly approach to the new school approach where we use the latest information systems to reach out and recruit downlines who are eager to team up and join your MLM business. 

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Now, when we're talking about using online strategies to explode your mlm business, we're not talking about changing the fundamental skills of network marketing, we're talking about changing the MEDIUM you use to communicate so you can become more efficient and effective.

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So look, if you like doing home parties or whatever and keep talking to every one within your reach, that's awesome – keep doing 'em. You're not who we are looking for.

But at some point, you'll find that you and your team won't want to spend time away from your families.


Younger millennials are not going to build old-school.

Trust me; they're not going to do business that way because they're far too evolved from a technology standpoint in order to take a step back.

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I hope this offered you some perspective and things to think about.

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