The Best Retirement Investment Plan You Never Learnt At School Is Here

Have you commenced the thought process for your best retirement investment plan?

Concerned about which career option is better placed to lead to the best retirement experience ?

This page will describe various job options and how leaving through them is likely to affect life before and during retirement. 

You will read expert opinion and people's experiences on how the foresee leaving life through retirement after or worse still if they ever see a chance of surviving without a job.

I usually ask clients and friends who seek my professional opinion on retirement planning on what their dream retirement would be like.

The common answers I get include:

An island somewhere, a luxury home, a good book, unlimited income, residual income, etc. One lawyer imagined a daily glass of wine served at a luxury resort as he relaxes for the first time in a long time.

But ask most retirees, and you’ll get a very different picture of what retirement is really like today. Most retirees survive off basic government and community support due to luck of passive investment income.

That’s not surprising, given that “One in three career employees has absolutely nothing saved for retirement. Most career employees and self employed practitioners depend on active employment income alone.

With so many people unprepared due to luck of a retirement investment plan, it’s no wonder that they continue to work hard well into their golden years.

Working past retirement is not necessarily a bad thing. Unfortunately, most people think that working during retirement means getting another job, or staying at the one they have.

They don’t see retirement as an opportunity to live their lives the way they want to. Instead, they feel trapped by their circumstances.

Retirement doesn’t have to be an extension of the Rat Race. In fact, retirement time can and should be some of the best years of your lives.

Consider taking an alternate approach to your retirement, One that defies working harder, or longer, just to get by...

Business of the 21st Century

A new definition of retirement

Most people define retirement as the point in their lives when they will leave their job and stop working. For some professions, retirement is an age defined by their company or industry.

But more and more people are working past that pre-set age, or, in some cases, retiring much earlier. Which is why we need a new definition of retirement.

Robert Kiyosaki says retirement should be a point at which you can work or choose not to work, and your wealth grows automatically.

In Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki likens retirement with planting a tree. You water it for years, and then one day it doesn’t need you anymore.

Its roots are implanted deep enough. Then the tree provides shade and fruits for your enjoyment.

Robert further explains that once you adopt the best retirement investment plan, continuing to work after retiring will be by choice, but there will be a big difference between the work you did before and after retirement.

He continues that working during retirement will stop being about the daily stresses of paying bills and having enough income to live on.

You will not be working because you have to but because you want to.

Why A Retirement Investment Plan? 

Becoming an entrepreneur instead of a typical retiree is absolutely the best choice , and I highly recommend this to you if you  don’t want the same sad song of today’s retirees.

I believe that taking up a job in entrepreneurship can solve many of the problems retirees face today. If you fall under one of the following job categories, you should consider turning to entrepreneurship as the undisputed solution.

The most common “jobs” that I know of fall into one of five categories, and its important that you find out the best way to become an entrepreneur without giving up your current job :




Traditional business ownership

New Economy (On Employee Retirement Plan)

Network Marketing Business (Entrepreneur)

The Hard Facts

The statistics about retirement are staggering. More than half of the worlds people are under prepared for retirement. They aren’t investing enough to live on, or they’re retirement investment is vested in faulty systems like 401(k)s or a simple savings bank account.

As you approach your retirement years, are you relaxed, knowing you’re prepared to live comfortably for the rest of your days?

Or are you panicking about not having enough and squirreling away every spare dime you can and luck a retirement investment strategy?

Maybe you’ve already entered retirement, only to discover that what you had saved was not nearly enough. Instead of turning to another job, now might be the time to start thinking like an entrepreneur.

Retirees make some of the best entrepreneurs. Think about it. They have a lifetime of experience to draw from, vast connections and relationships built up over years, and they’ve witnessed the dramatic changes that have occurred over decades.

Don’t ask me, look at the hundreds of entrepreneurs who are starting businesses in their retirement today. 

According to the Kauffman Foundation , almost a quarter of entrepreneurs are 55 or older. “This rate means that 370 out of every 100,000 adults in this age group became entrepreneurs in a given month.” So its never too late.

If you under prepared for retirement, the solution is not to live below your means, but expand your means.

Don’t go back to working for a job, but build a business that works for you, and supports you as your enter your golden years.

Network Marketing is one of the investment plans endorsed by Robert Kiyosaki and business moguls like Donald Trump, and I have identified a Company with the best retirement investment plan under Network marketing. 

I recommend this plan to career professionals like my self, those already in retirement and those approaching the cut off date.

For a minimum investment of $280 you can be guaranteed a monthly residual income in excess of $10,000 for the rest of your life.

Just like any other successful business, you need knowledge through mentorship and training to make the investment work for you.

I suggest that you maintain contact with me for mentorship on how to join and make the business work for you until you get enough experience to mentor others.

You may equally want to find out how to start an online business through a website like this one. Please click here for more information.


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