How To Avoid A Sad Sales Job Retirement 

Your post-sales job retirement career can be fulfilling and fun — if you've prepared for it, said Kerry Hannon, author of Getting the Job You Want After 50 for Dummies.

"If there's a kind of work that you want to move toward when you retire, it's important to give yourself time to try things out, get the skills and do the job first to see if it's something that will catch you on fire," she said.

There's no denying that a longer career will help keep you from tapping your sales job retirement accounts and will extend your access to workplace health benefits.

If you chose to get away from being an “employee” and get involved in a sales career. This is certainly more adventurous because typically salespeople are paid on their production instead of by the hour. I’ve known thousands of exited salespeople.

There is a common theme I’ve noticed over the course of my career. The typical salesperson will have a period of time where everything goes perfectly. Everything they touch turns to gold and they make some really good money.

 As soon as that happens, they almost always set their lifestyle to that level of income. They buy a new house, get new cars, put their kids in better schools, purchase a vacation home. Everything is great for a while..

What makes sales job retirement inevitable

Something may change in ways unimaginable and complicate your sales man world.

The company changes the compensation plan, their territory gets reduced, a competitor shows up, they lose their best customer, the economy goes into recession, new technology makes their offer less valuable, or government regulations change their industry.

These are just a few examples. There are hundreds more reasons why the salesperson’s world could (and probably will) get more complicated.

Now just imagine any or all of that happening in the absence of a good retirement plan. When that happens, with the big lifestyle you’ve developed, now 40 hours a week isn’t enough to pay the bills.

So you go to 50 hours a week. And then 60. And then 70. And then your life gets very small.

Yes, you may acquire good stuff along the way, but chances are you may not have time to enjoy them. The other challenge for the sales career is, no matter how much a person does, they still start at zero the next day.

 It can be tiring to live under that kind of pressure over a long period of time

Can a sales career pay the bills? Sure. But can it deliver on The Perfect sales job retirement plan?

 I believe the answer to this question is no, you should invest in a network marketing plan alongside your sales job to help secure your new found lifestyle during retirement. 

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