Why Travel Adventures Will Bail You Out Of Your Stress Cycle

Did you know that Travel adventures can help fix your stress cycle ? Is it depression arising from loss of your paid job ? Is it your work routine wearing you out? Simple! Take a Planned Vacation.

It has been proven that a well planned vacation offers lasting health benefits and will be an assured remedy to help break into your stress cycle. Meaning that you can emerge from a successful vacation feeling stress free and ready to take on the world. 

Why You Need To Avoid Retirement Stress

Chronic stress takes its toll in part on our body's ability to resist infection, maintain vital functions, and even ability to avoid injury. When you're stressed out and tired, you are more likely to become ill, your arteries take a beating, and you're more likely to have an accident.

Your sleep will suffer, you won't digest your food as well, and even the genetic material in the cells of your body may start to become altered in a bad way. Mentally, not only do you become more irritable, depressed, and anxious, but your memory will become worse and you'll make poorer decisions. You'll also be less fun to be with, causing you to become more isolated, lonely, and depressed.

In a 2009 study, Canadian researchers Joudrey and Wallace reported that "active" leisure pursuits (such as golf!) and taking travel adventures or vacations helped to buffer or ameliorate stress among a sample of almost 900 professionals.  

British researcher Scott McCabe noted that vacations' "personal benefits have been found to include: rest and recuperation from work; provision of new experiences leading to a broadening of horizons and the opportunity for learning and intercultural communication; promotion of peace and understanding; personal and social development

The benefits of vacations extend to family relationships. An international group of researchers led by Purdue University Xinran Lehto concluded that family vacations contribute positively to family bonding, communication and solidarity. Travel adventures promote what is called the "crescive bond" (in sociological parlance, a "shared experience") by fostering growing and enduring connections.

Shared family memories and time spent together isolated from ordinary everyday activities (school, work, and so on) help to promote these positive ties. Though family adventure travels can have their own share of stress, the benefits outweigh the risks, even in families that are not particularly close, according to Lehto and co-authors. A Planned vacation is designed to minimize or avoid common risks to you.  

10 Great benefits of Planned Travel adventures 

1. Reduces stress 
Stress can help people get work done under pressure, but experts have noted that 80% of workers are stressed on the job, and 70% of their trips to a healthcare provider are because of stress-related conditions. Studies have shown that taking a well planned holiday helps keep good health intact and prevents burnout. 

2. Increases creativity 
Taking a vacation boosts creativity—a change of pace allows people to see their everyday world differently. People experience clearer thinking as well as increased creatively after disconnecting from their work environment for a sustained period of time. A well planned vacation every other year will be a perfect retirement retreat to help rejuvenate your thinking cap.

3. Boosts emotional stability 
Too much time at the office (whether you work long hours or refuse to take a holiday) can leave you feeling frustrated. Getting away from it all, however, can ward off the potential for inappropriate outbursts or “did I really say that to my colleague?” regrets. 

4. Makes confidence soar 
Many researchers have noted that people return from a travel adventure with renewed sense of self. They’re refreshed, and tend to approach projects with more vigour, opting to tackle them with gusto rather than settling for easy solutions. 

5. Improves your intelligence 
The human body requires downtime; when people ignore its natural cycle of alertness and fatigue (which come in 90 minute periods), they’re dismissing the body’s need to reboot. Small breaks are good, but longer getaways allow you to fully recharge, which improves mental alertness. 

6. Improves low moods 
Taking a break from deadlines and high-pressure environments fights stress. Altering your mind by taking a holiday can shift irritable, depressed or anxiety-ridden moods to ones that are more calm and relaxed.
7. Fights colds and infections 
While it might sound too good to be true, getting away from it all helps keep your body healthy. It’s been proven that continual, or chronic, stress can gravely compromise bodily function. Even the genetic material in cells can become disrupted under too much stress.
8. Strengthens relationships
Time spent with a partner or family members during holidays allows you to bond with these people in ways that transcend the usual “how was your day?” discussions. Experts have discovered that time together in the form of a well planned holiday builds personal bonds and increases family connectedness.
9. You’ll save your company money 
While it might sound strange that time away from work can help your company’s bottom line, there’s some truth to this claim. It’s been found that over-stressed employees may end up being out of work for long periods of time while tending to physical and mental health problems that arose from too much time on the job. So get away!
10. You might be inspired in new ways 
Exploring a new area might be just what you need to break away from your usual hobby and discover something different. You never know where inspiration will come from, but it surely won’t be found while you’re engaged in the same environment and seeing the same faces for years without a travel adventure.
Time away from the usual routine need not be a grand money-depleting experience in Tokyo or Las Vegas; even the increasing popularity of “staycations” (in which people remain within in their home country) can provide these mental and physical health benefits.

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