About Me & My Website Business 

Starting a successful website business is something I could never have imagined myself doing if circumstances had not compelled me to start thinking outside my comfort zone.

My Name Is Paul Kateza, I’m a Certified Accountant and I’m happily enjoying the financial rewards and lifestyle that accompanies this level of achievement.

In 2017, I went through a life threating experience which opened my eyes on how vulnerable I was to entirely depend on my 9-5 job.

The potential threat became a thin line between losing or keeping my job. I freaked at the possibility of being out of job and imagined what would have become of me had I failed to sustain my lifestyle and that of my family.  I had a heavy load of monthly expenses I was committed to, and all were funded from my Salary.    

This vulnerability got me searching for answers especially on how to set up a website business. This was after I had hard about people working online. I made up my mind to find out how and create a part time investment that would subsidize my income.

 In the course of my research, I came across  Robert Kiyosaki, a leading financial expert who helped open my eyes to a new reality.  

Through his writings, I realized that the biggest cause of my vulnerability were the liabilities I had amassed and that I lucked an adequate asset base to fund all the liabilities I had accumulated.

I went ahead to follow his guidelines and got introduced to new non traditional ways of creating value adding assets and whose greatest capital input is not MONEY but  ATTITUDE AND MOTIVATION.  (Recall the wealthiest people today are not industrialists or real estate gurus  but people who leveraged on IT at a start up price you too can afford)

I’m now more excited about the future because I can now opt to retire early and not worry about the quality of life I’m going to retire to.

Resource Tools For My Website Business 

I often get asked about the tools and resources I use to run my online business.  Below is the sequence of resources I owe my success to and recommend my friends to use.

First I got connected to a system that helped me set up a high value website business without any technical knowledge at designing websites. All I needed was to share what I’m passionate about to start making money.

An awesome tool suite for network marketers and all types of business ideas. Comes with Company-specific and universal lead capture pages, built-in auto-responders for emails marketing and list building, Specialized support systems, a full CRM, webinar system, and other online tools. It’s ONE suite with everything you need to build your home business. Also facilitates the following:

Learn Everything You Need To Build A Website Business 

Secondly, before i got introduced to the website business, i was in a network marketing company for 2 years and almost quit. I was so tired of bugging my friends & family, holding home meetings to have no one show up & prospecting strangers in public. I wanted to put my business online and actually build online. But i didn't want to spam my friends news feeds with pictures of our products asking them to buy anything or join my team either. 

That's when i found this strategy talked about in this blog post & it has resulted in increasing my income from 297 bucks  earned in my first 2 years to a six figure income in 120 days after i applied it. Visit here to learn more

Thirdly I got introduced to what Robert Kiyosaki calls the business of the 21st Century. This is the best business concept I ever read and learnt about in my years of training and practicing as a Chartered Accountant. It is designed to empower employees like me or you whose dream is to retire early. It trains you and gradually lets you build a dream business while you work at your 9-5 job.  

Returns from my website business efforts have started paying off to the extent of funding investments in offline projects I’m passionate about. This is in addition to paying for a new lifestyle of travelling the world that I never had before.

I can now choose when to retire and enjoy more time freedom with my family.

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